Welcome to the Long Island Focusing Center!

About Us:

The Long Island Focusing Center (LIFC) is located in Woodbury, NY, USA. Our goal is to support the learning and practice of focusing, a valuable, easy to learn, self awareness process that can support and enrich every area of your life.  We offer training programs, workshops, practice groups, and individual sessions to children, adults, parents, and educators.   We specialize in learning enrichment for all.

Opportunities to participate in local and international community based projects are available as well as access to a worldwide network of resources.

Lori Ketover, LMSW, Licensed Social Worker, Certified Focusing Trainer (Learn More)

What is Focusing?

FOCUSING is a simple and effective way of listening and attending to yourself and others that harnesses the body’s natural intelligence.  It offers us a way to deepen our understanding, expand our experience, and develop a healthy relationship with ourselves.   Focusing allows us to find new solutions and fresh action steps in any situation.

Focusing was originally developed from research led by professor and psychologist, Dr. Eugene Gendlin, who discovered that when people bring a special kind of attention to what is naturally felt in the body, they change. (Learn More)

Current Programs / Trainings:

Individual sessions: Available for children, adults, parents, and educators. Sessions are available in-person and/or over the phone.

Special Projects:


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